We fill the void in your traditional emergency lighting system.


Product Attributes

Peace of Mind

Designed to work in conjuction with existing emergency lighting systems to provide a safe, well lit exit in the event of a power failure.


Photoluminescent material is energized by the UV light emitted by modern fluorescent and LED bulbs.


When charged, unlike most battery power emergency lighting systems, LitroVision never fails.


Does not diminish bulbs typical luminous efficacy.


LitroVision is environmentally green, no batteries required. No batteries...No maintenence! Simply replace the LitroVision sleeve when you replace your bulbs.


Polycarbonate material is virtually unbreakable, providing extra protection for expensive bulbs.

Where can LitroVision be used?

Emergency lighting is typically mandatory in all commercial, industrial, educational, religious, institutional, public housing, medical and other facility types. Below are a few of places where LitroVision can supplement your already existing emergency lighting system.

Commercial Buildings

Warehouses, retail stores, manufacturing plants, storage, maintenance facilities, etc.

Public Buildings

Schools, government buildings, office complexes, hospitals, assisted living and long-term care facilities, etc.

Product Information


Easy to install! Sleeve simply snaps onto the bulb.


Currently avaliable for use with T-8 (1' diameter) bulbs.


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